Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I really have not felt like writing a post. The loss of Shasta was pretty hard on me. Besides, I have not surfed at all. My shoulder still has me on the injured reserve list, and I start a round of physical therapy. Hopefully all will go good, the next option a is a MRI with contrast(they take a big needle filled with dye and shot it into your shoulder....fun?) Also, it seems my insurance is covering less and less these days, so I don't want to incur any bills. On the flip side, I did find a few interesting things to take a few pictures of when I was up in LA last week.

Also, my good friend EP got to experience one Golden States fickle point breaks over the last weekend. This is a spot, that will turn you into a " junkie" for it. He said it was great, and sent a few photos for the readers.