Monday, May 14, 2012

What's Old is New, wetsuis, DEVO and Me

What’s old can be new again. How true. I took some old wetsuits to M&B Wetsuits in Lakewood and had them altered for summer. I had the sleeves cut off. Now I have a 3/2 short sleeve, 2mm shorter sleeve and a repaired Ripcurl 3/2. These suits have a new lease on life. Speaking of Life, I stepped one year closer to the 50; I made it to 46 on Saturday. So, to Celebrate , I went to see DEVO at the Observatory in OC on Sunday night. What a great show as always. I have seen them a few times in the past few years, true, they are a little older, but they kicked ass as usual. I also got out and surfed the closest place to my house last week, Seal River Jetty. I was fun, I actually caught a shoulder/ head high on from the middle river all the way to Crabs. A good time for sure. I think I will hit it tomorrow. Here is to a injury free 46.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Update

Time to sit down and write a post. The family and I went to the Big Island for Spring break. I got to do a lot of snorkeling with my son, and we went fishing, but no catching. I made some time to finally meet Tim Orr, the Bonzer affciaonado. Tim is a great guy and has a amazing collection of Bonzers, I think he actually has the 5th board the Campbell brothers actually made. I did get in a surf after I got back. All the injuries are finally healed, and I hope to get back in the water more.