Thursday, August 18, 2011

Board needs Rider!

My good friend VR was down at San Elijo Camp Ground in Cardiff with his family and some friends. He asked me to join them months ago, but, lets just say the other half had an opinion and leave it at that.

Well, I really wanted to go. I told my wife a camp spot opened up for a Friday, and Cole and I could go down. She was just coming back from a work trip, and by the time she said it was ok, the spot was gone! ( I see a pattern here)

Well, I checked again on Friday, and got a spot for Sunday, told her Cole and I are going and will be home Monday.(Yeah for Us!)

As soon as we got there, and set up camp, my son said he wanted to go surf. YES, YOU HEARD IT HERE, "HE SAID" "HE" WANTED TOO SURF! can I get an Amen!
Now, some back story. He is 9, has really shown no interest in surfing, and Dad is bummed. I shaped him a board for his 1st birthday( true, a little presumptuous). I have not wanted to push it, for fear it would back fire on me and he will never surf. None of his friends surf, so he really has no desire. Besides, I really don't want to take him out to learn at Seal Beach because of all the Sting Rays. Can you imagine a 9 year old getting stung? he will never want to go back in the water.

So, off we go, with our 8' soft top. We get out, and I push him into a few, he does good, full "stink bug stance" at first, then actually cuts right and slide down a 1' face. Then he tells me "he wants to paddle into a few himself. Well okay! So he does, he paddles with all the power his 60lb frame can give, and catches a few. By this time I am literally peeing in my wetsuit with excitement, VR is watching from the beach giving a "thumbs up". I am Happy, he is having fun, the world is now offically a better place.

Fast forward to today.

Me, "Cole, do you want to head down to T-Street in San Clemente and meet Larry and his son, and try surfing again on Saturday?"

Cole, watching a rerun of iCarly, "No, not really"

Me, "It would be great, mom can come too"

Cole, "Nah"

Me, "OK"

I walk away with my head low, slink off to the garage in a daze and stare at my surfboards..............

Any suggestions would be appreciated?